Why Georganics was founded

Georganics was born out of a profound realization of a significant issue in which each of us involuntarily participates. Annually, approximately 230,000 tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the Mediterranean Sea, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Other annual figures focused on materials and cosmetics used for oral hygiene are equally alarming: 3,000 tonnes of waste for toothpaste tubes and around 5 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills. Adding to this problem, the vast majority of conventional plastic toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled due to their composition, which blends different materials. Considering that everyone brushes their teeth daily, we quickly realized that the stakes were high.

As a result of this realization, Georganics was established with four primary goals in mind:

1. Minimise waste across all forms of oral care products.

2. Create natural and effective oral care products.

3. Promote awareness and encourage daily habit evolution.

4. Protect and respect our planet.


We make oral care products that are good for you and good for the planet.
We provide a comprehensive range of natural oral care products tailored to accommodate various preferences in terms of texture and flavour. Our aim is to facilitate consumers in making sustainable choices effortlessly.

We provide certified products to validate the seriousness and commitment behind our brand. Presently, we proudly hold four different certifications: The Vegan Trademark, Cruelty Free International, Cosmos Organic & Cosmos Natural. For further details, we encourage you to visit their respective websites.


1. Sustainability
2. Natural & efficient
3. Flexibility
4. Transparency

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When selecting ingredients, we meticulously consider three key elements: efficacy, sustainability, and traceability. We refuse to compromise on any of these aspects. This approach enables us to collaborate with the best suppliers for the finest quality ingredients. We exclusively use natural ingredients free from chemicals that are ethically sourced (exclusively from suppliers based in the UK) and fully traceable.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is entirely plastic-free and recyclable. We utilize 100% crafted paper cartons that are fully biodegradable. Even our printing is done with vegetable-based ink.

Recognising that the best waste is the one that never exists, most of our products are packaged in glass jars that can be refilled or repurposed. Furthermore, our zero-to-landfill scheme aids in recycling items that local centers are unable to process.

Moreover, we ensure that our formulations undergo collaborative development by scientists and specialists, and they are dentist-approved to guarantee their effectiveness.

One of the primary challenges in this journey is to charm and convince people to make the switch, as it requires a little time for adaptation. That's why we paid special attention to user experience, a crucial factor for us. We always value your feedback, and whenever possible, we take it into consideration for each formulation we create. What sets us apart is our ability to effortlessly adapt or change a formulation, as we oversee every step from development to sale.

Finally, we proudly support local dental associations because everyone deserves the confidence to smile proudly.