Landfills accumulate a diverse array of waste every day, much of which could be prevented. For example, in the UK alone, 300 million plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills each year. It's time to rethink our choices and explore ways to reduce landfill waste for a cleaner future.


...which stands for 'Zero To Landfill', enables our customers to return used beechwood & sonic toothbrush heads that local UK centers cannot process. These items are then recycled through FirstMile & TerraCycle.

How it works

  • 1

    Collect a minimum of 5 used heads. These can be from our Beechwood Toothbrush, Tonguebrush, Interdental Brushes or Sonic Toothbrush.

  • 2

    Put everything into an envelope, a used one it's fine. On it, write Free-post Georganics Oral Care Ltd. This service is free (only in the UK), so make sure you don't get charged!

  • 3

    Drop it off at Post Office® or in a postbox. Once we receive them, the heads will be bulked and sent to FirstMile & Terracycle for recycling each component.