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Whether you prefer Toothsoap to Toothpaste, or Mouthwash Tablets to Oil Pulling – the choice is yours. Select your favourite products and flavours to ensure that you never unexpectedly run out. The plan is customisable to your needs and preferences, and you’ll receive 10% off every order.
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  • Reduce impact

    Cover all your oral care needs wIth 4 orders a year and reduce environmental impact with less deliveries and packaging.
  • Save money

    Save 10% off your subscription orders, and receive free delivery when you create a plan that's £20 or more.
  • Stop worrying

    Our 3-month subscription aligns with our average product usage, so you receive your delivery at the perfect time.


Receive your plan every 3 months.

Running out of products unexpectedly could mean having to choose a less sustainable alternative. Our 3-month delivery schedule aligns with our average product usage to ensure that you receive your delivery at the perfect time.
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