We were the first on the market to offer plastic-free and zero-waste dental hygiene solutions.

    By consistently opting for locally sourced raw materials whenever possible, or as close to home as feasible, we reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation and support local economies.

    Our dedication to sustainability extends from product conception to disposal, with our zero to landfill scheme for products that cannot be recycled in a traditional way.


    We believe in building trust with our customers by providing clear and honest information about our products and processes. From detailing the ingredients used in each product to explaining our manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts, we strive to be as transparent as possible. In fact, we welcome our clients to visit our facility to discover how we work.

    By opening our doors to the public, we aim to foster a sense of trust, ensuring that our customers know exactly what they're getting when they choose our products.


    We believe oral care should be both natural and efficient. That's why all our products are meticously crafted from natural ingredients that are proven to promote oral health and benefits.

    Working with scientists, we ensure that our formulations are not only natural but also higly efficient in maintaining optimal oral hygiene.


    At our local production facility in Sussex, we oversee every stage of the process, from initial product development to market launch. This allows us to quickly adapt to changing market demands, trends and customize our products to meet the specific needs of our BTB & BTC clients.