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Over the past couple of months, we have been putting smiles on people's faces throughout the world by supporting and helping some amazing causes. 
Common mistakes you might make whilst oil pulling - and how to avoid them.
Avoid giving your kids synthetic products this new school year. Instead, follow our easy to follow guide to achieving a simple, morning ritual that helps you and your kid's live naturally.
Many of us battle the everyday struggle that is, having sensitive teeth. It can affect more than just our teeth; but what causes it to be so painful? How can we heal sensitive teeth and which food and drink should you avoid if you have sensitive teeth.
We interview a creative, eco friendly sunglasses brand, thinking, and doing, what’s outside the box in terms of creating a better life for others, whilst advocating for sustainability and a healthier planet.
How does activated charcoal whiten your teeth, is it safe for kids and how long until you see whitening results?
We interviewed Jo Poulton founder of Waste Not Bristol Charity Eco Starter Kits. Making zero-waste accessible.
We interviewed Sian Sykes, eco-pioneer and founder of SUP against SUP and Psyched Paddleboarding.
A key ingredient used to flavour our oral care products is organic, food-grade, essential oils.
In honour of #ZeroWasteWeek we’ve created a Packaging Waste Audit Sheet for you to fill out at home.
We interviewed Ariane and Delphine founders of F Toxins - natural, organic and toxic-free lifestyle blog. 
Here are some top tips for going plastic-free from the UK's first packaging-free shop on wheels.
Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common, toxic ingredient used in commercial beauty products as a foaming agent.
No doubt you’ve heard of these different labels and 'buzzwords' but what do they actually mean?
Composting is the best way to get rid of organic waste turning it into nutrient-rich soil conditioner through decomposition.
You may have noticed blood when you brush and floss your teeth. If so, you need to see a dentist. Bleeding gums shouldn’t be ignored. If left too long you may end up with other health complaints.