Zero To Landfill

Don't give UK landfill sites more to do.

Why Zero To Landfill?

The Zero To Landfill scheme helps recycle items that cannot be recycled by local centres. This is great news for the very small amount of plastic that we unfortunately have to use (of course, once there is an alternative, we will be straight on it!) All you have to do is collect, pack and send, we'll do the rest.

The recycling process

Specialised oral care recycling

We are recycling our products with TerraCycle via their zero waste box solution to help recycle the components in our Sonic Toothbrush and Beechwood toothbrush heads that local centres cannot. They are separated into fibres such as wood and coated paper, plastics and other materials. The resulting fibres are then hydropulped to separate out coatings. These fibres are then recycled into new paper products, or composted if recycling is not possible. The resulting plastics can then be recycled into plastic polymers. Flexible and rigid plastics can eventually be moulded into various recycled plastic products

Give us something back

How the scheme works

Our Zero To Landfill scheme allows our UK customers to send back used Georganics Beechwood and Sonic Toothbrush heads via free-post

  • 1


    Once used, save the brush heads. Snap them from the handle if you use our Beechwood Toothbrush, or simply remove the head if you use our Sonic Toothbrush.

  • 2


    Pack at least 4 heads into a paper envelope.

  • 3


    Mail the envelope to 'Free-post Georganics', we'll collect all the heads and send them to our partner recycling centre.