Sonic Replacement Heads - 35000SPM

NOTE: these are only for this Sonic Toothbrush Set 35000SPM.
If you have our newer 50000SPM, please order these Replacement Heads.

About this toothbrush

High quality replacement brush heads (pack of 2) for your Georganics Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Made with DuPont 610 bristles.

• Only suitable for our 35000SPM Sonic Toothbrush
• Stroke speed 35000/minute with Dupont 610 bristles
• Approved Waterproof IPX7, FDA & CE
• Replace around every 3 months


Plastic Handle*, DuPont Nylon 610 Bristles*. *Recyclable.

Cardboard Box^*, Vegetable Ink^*. ^Widely Recyclable, *Compostable.
Easy snap-on. To replace the head, gently pull out the old head from the toothbrush body. Insert the new head by sliding it onto the metal vibrating blade.