This Black Friday we're supporting Dentaid


Unfortunately many people in the UK don’t have access to dental care. This can be due to homelessness, vulnerability or simply long NHS wait times for dental care. 

70 per cent of homeless people have severe dental issues and 15 per cent have reportedly tried to remove their own teeth due to ongoing pain. 

This problem is not exclusive to those experiencing homelessness, in fact 40 per cent of kids in the UK don’t receive regular check ups or dental care, and 35% of adults say they can’t afford to go to the dentists. 

This is where Dentaid come in. 

Dentaid started in 1996, firstly donating refurbished dental equipment to charity dental practices across the globe. 

In 2009, Dentaid invented the DentaidBox, a portable surgery used to provide dental care to remote areas, schools and public places. 

Why did we choose Dentaid to support this weekend?

Well, we normally like to support charities focused on conserving our wonderful environment and oceans, however this year we wanted to put focus on dental issues both in the UK, and worldwise. 

Find out more about Dentaids' work in the video below - we'll be supporting their work all weekend by giving 15% off our whole range and 15% of profits to Dentaid to support their fantastic charity work.