Say goodbye to hard-to-reach oral debris!

Say goodbye to hard-to-reach oral debris!

Interdental brushes, recommended by dental professionals, play a vital role in preventing gum disease and maintaining overall oral health. They remove food particles and plaque buildup, reducing the risk of cavities and bad breath.


Why is it important to use interdental brushes?

👉 Helps prevent gum disease by reducing plaque buildup.

👉 Removes food and bacteria between teeth, maintaining a healthy oral microbiome

👉 Reaches the toughest-to-access areas, accounting for approximately 30% of dental surfaces

👉 Reduces bad breath caused by trapped food particles.

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Why is it crucial to eliminate plaque buildup?

Dental plaque is an invisible, saliva-derived film that, if not properly removed, can become colonized by bacteria. These bacteria then feed on ingested food to produce a sticky substance that is challenging to clean without dental intervention. Over time, this can lead to the formation of tartar, promoting cavities and gum diseases.

Georganic's interdental brushes are suitable for everyone, including those with dental prosthetics or undergoing orthodontic treatment, our brushes come in three sizes to fit various interdental spaces.

Remember the three Fs: your brush should fit, not force or float. Plus, the handles are responsibly sourced from our FSC-certified supplier in Switzerland, reducing carbon emissions and water usage compared to most Bamboo handles sourced from Asia.

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