We're very lucky to be based in the heart of the Sussex countryside. As an eco-conscious company that believes in working with nature - not against it - a location that is surrounded by green spaces, fresh air and natural wildlife seemed like the perfect place to base our natural oral care brand.Our products are handmade at our premises on Hooklands Farm in Scayness Hill, just five minutes drive from Haywards Heath, West Sussex. 

At our site, our dedicated team manufacture all of our products in small batches to ensure the highest quality is maintained across our lines. Our products are made in our bright and airy on-farm site. Where possible, we try to use ingredients that are local to us to avoid transport emissions and support other local businesses.Once our products are ready to be delivered to you or shipped to one of our stockists, we take them over to our logistics team who hand pick your order and pack them in our recyclable packaging. We protect your delivery by reusing shredded cardboard from the packaging our ingredients come in, ensuring less waste is created throughout the entire production process.