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The natural choice for dental professionals

Join us on our mission to raise awareness around the importance of natural & sustainable oral care.

We work with dental professionals who want to create positive change in the oral care industry. Together, we raise awareness of the importance of a more sustainable methodology of oral care.

  • Dentists & Hygienists

    A more natural choice

    Would you like to share our oral care products with fellow dental professionals and your patients? We are looking for dental professionals interested in sustainable and natural oral care to support us on our mission, by raising awareness around the importance of good oral health and a zero-waste lifestyle. We will provide you with product samples for yourself and your patients, the chance to earn commission whilst raising awareness, and an opportunity to share your thoughts to shape the future of Georganics and our products.
  • Dental students

    A more natural choice

    Are you a dental student interested in sustainability, or natural products? We will send you product samples for you and your fellow students to try. Our scheme will also provide you with the opportunity to earn commission whilst studying and raising awareness of the importance of sustainable and natural oral care.

An alternative for dental practices

How to join our scheme

  • 1


    Create an account and receive your practice code.

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    Trial our products using our introductory sample order, specifically tailored to the needs of your patients.

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    Share your practice code with your clients, to give them 20% off their first order. You'll receive 20% commission on orders.

Trial our products

Choose from our complete product range

We have a wide range of natural and sustainable oral care products, including Tooth Soap, Tooth Paste, Chewing Gum and Dental Floss, and many of them come in a variety of flavours. We’ll contact you directly to arrange your trial pack to ensure that it’s specifically tailored to your interests and the needs of your patients.

Raise awareness

Share your favourite products to your patients and receive commission

After receiving your trial pack, you can showcase Georganics products in appointments – or even gift products to your patients for them to try at home. You can share your exclusive 20% off discount code, allowing your patients to make the switch to natural and sustainable oral care for even less. Plus, you’ll earn 20% commission on orders using your discount code.

Let’s talk!

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Simply email us at and we’ll get back to you quickly.
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