Ingredients & Packaging

Our philosophy is pretty simple. By only using natural ingredients in all our dental care products, we avoid any synthetic chemicals that might be detrimental to both your health and the environment.

We certainly don’t need to worry about fads, like avoiding whatever turns out to be the next big toxic ingredient. In fact, our products are more about what they do contain – the purest and best ingredients that nature has to offer. 

We opt for mineral rich ingredients such as calcium, potassium and natural clay instead of synthetics like fluoride, glycerine and sodium lauroyl sulphate (SLS). We also use oils such as coconut oil, which acts as a natural preservative.


Something that differentiates us from the rest, is the quality of ingredients we source and our dedication to transparency throughout the manufacturing process. This means that we don't use synthetic chemicals or preservatives in our products, instead, use natural ingredients full of real flavours and textures. Read more


We steer away from synthetic ingredients as we feel that they are unnecessary as well as having been proven to be harmful to both us and to our ecosystems. Find out more about those ingredients that we purposely avoid and why you should be aware of them. Read more


What’s on the outside counts too. But our packaging is about much more than just looking good – it is designed to be plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. This way, nothing goes to landfill sites. Read more


We are in association with PETA, for being a company that believes and succeeds in the ability to operate without testing on animals and offer vegan and cruelty free alternatives to mainstream oral care products. Read more


In oral care and cosmetic industry, there is still confusion surrounding the words 'natural', 'synthetic' and 'chemical'. From the purest of drinking water, the emissions vehicles produce, to the toothpaste we use daily, everything is made from chemicals. Read more

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