We love our packaging but not just because it looks great. It’s also plastic-free, biodegradable or recyclable. Nothing ever goes to landfill.


Made 'not' to last

When you open your Georganics order, you'll notice something a little different. All of our products are packaged in fully biodegradable Kraft paper cartons. Even the print is made from vegetable ink. And we never use bubble wrap or polystyrene. To protect your order, we shred the cardboard packaging that we receive from our suppliers.

Our containers

Recycle, refill or repurpose

Our eco-packaging is made not to last but our containers are quite the opposite! The glass and aluminium jars can be refilled with our refill packs, re-purposed any way you like (try as tiny plant pots or food storage) or recycled. Glass and aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality, meaning a recycled toothpaste jar could make its way back to us at some point!

Zero To Landfill

Click below to find out about our Zero To Landfill scheme and how you can recycle the 'non-recyclable'