Get 10% off everytime you pick up & dispose public litter with clean planet project

Clean up & get rewarded

We don't believe making you spend more to earn discounts is in line with our brand, instead we'd like to encourage people to do good for the planet and be rewarded. Clean Planet Project Co. is a nonprofit utilizing the "Litter CleanUp" app to reward individuals for picking up litter. Each piece of trash picked up is recorded as points, and these points can be redeemed for eco-friendly rewards.
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How to use the Litter CleanUp app

Find litter outside. You'll be surprised how much you'll find when you're looking! Use the app to take a picture of the trash and pick it up safely. If you'd like, continue this step and fill up your bag! Remember to use a reusable bag if possible. When you're done, take a picture throwing the trash away and see your points add up. PLEASE recycle when you can! The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store for mobile devices.
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