Good oral hygiene involves cleaning our teeth daily, but we don’t always consider the effect synthetic and toxic ingredients found in conventional oral care, have on our health.

It all started with one question

Are synthetic ingredients used in conventional oral care necessary?

Georganics was born as a result of Alex trying many high fluoride products in a bid to rid his unexplainable cavities, only to find they didn’t work. A change to his diet was the next option. A couple of months in, Alex decided it wasn’t just the food he was eating he needed to make a change to but also the products he was using; soaps, creams, deodorants…everything. He found natural alternatives for most things but struggled to find a pure toothpaste. Not one to give up, Alex made his own, left his job in the city and created Georganics.

Early days

Our First Farmer's Market

As a team we felt like others must be struggling as well, so we reached out to our, then local, Farmer’s Market. At first they weren’t too keen. The market was more for food but eventually we were given the opportunity. People were intrigued, some thought it was a crazy idea but others were relieved, they too had been searching for a pure and natural toothpaste. It was then that we realised that Georganics needed to reach more people.


Growing Georganics

Selling online was the next step. Customer feedback was positive, people were loving the eco toothpaste. These positive comments motivated us to experiment with the toothpaste ingredients and from this we developed the Toothpowder and Oil Pulling Mouthwash we know and love today. A few months later we took part in an accelerator course in Sussex. We fell in love with the rolling hills and green fields and decided it was where Georganics should be based. As demand grew and production picked up, Alex and Charles partnered up and as a result of we have now grown into one of Europe’s most trusted brands of genuinely natural oral health care.

Our People

Alessandro Rocchi


Charles Van Boxmeer


Oliver Adams

Production & Packaging Administrator

Ryan Garratt

Quality Administrator

Sarah Hopgood

Logistics Administrator

Justin Cowley

Warehouse Administrator

Andy Compton

Packaging Operative

Radostin Cenov

Production Operative

Luke Joseph

Packaging Operative

Eloise Mepham-Bushby

Executive Assistant

Ali Hemsley

Marketing & Relations Administrator

Alexandra John

E-Commerce Administrator

Benjamin Langford-Biss

Relations Administrator

Louise Farmer

European Sales Manager

Silvia Stoica

UK Sales Manager

  • Our location

    The heart of the Sussex countryside

    Nestled in the middle of the countryside, Georganics’ location perfectly matches our ethos: pure, natural and eco-friendly. We believe in working with nature not against it, this doesn’t just apply to our products and packaging but also our workspace. Just off the main Lewes Road, and a 5 minute drive from Haywards Heath, you’ll find our production unit, surrounded by quiet fields and plenty of sheep. What better place to build an eco brand than in the countryside?
  • The site

    Our production from Hooklands Farm

    At our bright and airy on-farm site, our products are handmade in small batches by our dedicated team, ensuring the highest quality is maintained. Two wooden barns house the Georganics team, one is the production unit and the other is where orders are hand picked and packaged by our lovely logistics team. Both areas work together to ensure you receive your order to the excellent standard we aim to achieve.