Introduction to Plastic Free July

We know for a lot of our valued customers that every month is Plastic-Free July (because it most certainly is for us!) but this year we want to go the extra mile to really promote the cause…  
So what actually ISPlastic Free July?
Plastic Free July is an Australian-based charity using this summer month to encourage people to take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 
Much like Veganuary or Stoptober, these moths of awareness often lead to masses of people continuing with their new lifestyle long after the month has finished. 
Why get involved? 
The world produces 381 million tonnes in plastic waste yearly and up to 12.7 million of those tonnes get dumped straight into our magnificent oceans. Unfortunately a small number of corporations are singlehandedly responsible for the majority of it and until they are held accountable we can only do what we can to help. 
In the U.S every year roughly 1 BILLION plastic toothpaste tubes and another 1 BILLION plastic toothbrushes go to landfill every single year so our industry is still very guilty. Because of this it is important to show people there is another way to a thriving planet. 
You may be thinking that you’ve already cut single use plastic out of your life, you have your shelves lined with Georganics products, soap bars and sustainable alternatives so what what else is there that you can do?
Well, a lot of the time we are mindful and conscious and yet pesky plastics still manage to find their way into our lives. Take the Pesky Plastics quiz to help Plastic Free July track household trends and maybe alert you to some plastics that went under your radar! 
In addition you can sign up to receive tips and tricks in their weekly emails during July to help keep you motivated during the challenge by reading stories from their global movement. Sign up to take the challenge and be constantly inspired!
Most importantly July is all about raising awareness, the more people we convince to take part, the less plastic goes to landfill, after all that is the ultimate goal. 


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