What is Toothsoap?

What is Toothsoap?


No it’s not the age old threat that your guardian will wash your mouth out with soap, it’s our completely natural tooth cleaner.

It might be a strange concept to brush your teeth with soap but I can reassure you that it is completely safe and healthy to brush with our natural Toothsoap!

Our Toothsoap is packaged in a kraft cardboard tube which is 100% compostable, pop it in your home recycling and watch it decompose. 



So how does Toothsoap clean your teeth?

Just like using regular toothpaste the act of brushing your teeth cleans and removes food from your mouth, the added soap suds help remove bacteria from the mouth. Did you know that there are over 300 different types of bacteria in your mouth? Scary right, but this is easily combated with our Toothsoap!

Our Toothsoap is flavoured with organic peppermint oil for a refreshing, cooling taste and it’s numbing properties. Peppermint Oil is also used in our Toothsoap to combat oral pathogens and killing bacteria (bacteria that could lead to gum disease if left). 

P.s if it tastes too much like soap, you’ve got too much on your brush!


Here are what a few of our lovely customers have to say about our Toothsoap!

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