What is Earth Day?

TheEarth Day Networkis an organization whose mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues and activate the environmental movement worldwide. They promote mindset change through education, public policy, and consumer campaigns and invite other earth lovers to join them and come together to make change.

Every year on the 22nd of April they hold Earth Day - a global awareness day where environmental groups, organisations and companies across the world come together to celebrate the planet and work towards reducing the unnecessary damage we inflict on it every day.

Ending plastic pollution

This year's theme is ‘End Plastic Pollution’ - a campaign focusing on reducing the polluting impacts caused by plastic consumption looking at the production through to its disposal.

‘From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.’ -EarthDay.Org

As you know, plastic reduction is something we are passionate about here at Georganics and we work to provide zero waste alternatives across our product ranges. Plastic pollution is a hugely important issue that is having devastating effects on our ecosystems and needs to be tackled before the damage gets worse.

But what can you do as an individual?

Become a more conscious consumer

Thinking about reducing your personal footprint can be a bit overwhelming. The first step is to educate yourself and become aware of your personal impact. Making conscious choices is important, however, no one is expected to be able to do this for everything all the time. Our top tip is to start by picking one environmental issue or cause to tackle - it seems small, but it will still have an impact. This can be anything from cutting down on plastic and buying food locally, to supporting fashion or beauty brands with a sustainable focus.  

Talk to your friends

Talk to your friends about what you’ve learnt. This doesn’t mean lecturing them but just bring issues to their attention. And if they ask you, share your knowledge and be passionate about the causes you support.  A great way to spread the world and inspire the people around you is to lead by example. 

Start or join in with a local campaign

Find out what’s events, campaigns or meetups are going on in your local area and join in. Doing this is also a really good way of meeting like-minded individuals who share your passions. Sussex's Earth Day events include aSilent Disco Beach Clean hosted by Pier 2 Pier and anEarth Day Clean in Rottingdean.

There are also lots of great organisations out there run by dedicated individuals who always need extra help and support beyond Earth Day. Check out what’s going on in your local area, and if you feel that something is lacking, why not look into starting up something yourself?

The natural world won’t be here forever and we believe it’s time to come together to push environmental protection to the forefront of worldwide political agenda - change needs to happen and it comes from us.  

Look out for our Earth Day Instagram competition ‘Plastic Free Swaps To Save The Earth’ which will launch on Sunday - we’ve collaborated with some of our favourite zero waste brands to bring you the ultimate plastic free giveaway. Follow @Georganicsuk onInstagram and keep your eyes peeled!

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