A chemical-free ‘back to school’ routine

It’s that time of year again; back to the same old manic mornings.With the turn of a new school year, why not try and help your kids achieve a chemical-free morning routine? It's as simple as saying ‘A,B,C’ with our easy to follow below ritual.

Why go Chemical-Free for Kids?


It’s more important than ever to look after our kid’s safety with the rising amount of Parabens, Phalates and SLS’s within everyday products. According to The Swedish Chemicals Agency,“Since 1970, the size of chemicals production has become over fifty times larger" and "children are said to be at more at risk of absorbing daily toxins due to the fact that they eat, drink and breathe faster than adults”. Therefore making simple swaps within your daily lives to include non-harmful and more natural products can help prevent such occurrences happening.

A Toxin-Free Step-by-Step School Morning Routine


We have created the below easy to follow four steps, which allow you and your family to benefit from going chemical-free every morning before school:

1. Build a breakfast that is high in calcium and phosphorus as these are essential for both children's dental health and brain health. In a book called 'Cure Tooth Decay' by Ramiel Nigel, it is suggested that mineral deficiencies and high levels of phytic acids in standard breakfast grains can be linked to tooth decay. His recommendation instead is to eat unbleached or fermented sourdough as it "is the best way to reduce phytic acid in a breakfast." You can pair this with a glass of cows or calcium-fortified coconut milk to help with strengthening their teeth and bones. Plus eating sourdough with breakfast will keep their brains ticking and their stomach full all morning!

2. Brushing Teeth. According to the American Dental Association, children under age 6 are more likely to swallow toothpaste because their swallowing reflex still isn’t fully developed. Standard toothpastes contain nasty chemicals and when swallowed, can cause issues such as damage tooth enamel and cause dental fluorosis (white stains on the teeth). Georganics provides a natural kid’s toothpastethat naturally blended with orange essential oils, well known for their soothing properties and safety for young children. Your kids will just love the sweet faintly floral flavour and so will you! You can also let them brush with the Kids Beechwood Toothbrush, perfectly sized to give a dazzling clean to their little, growing teeth.


3. Packed Lunch. Buying Organic foods contain fewer pesticides; meaning less toxins are ingested and swallowed. According to the New York University School of Medicine, "chemicals get into food from plastic wrappings and these may have an effect on cardiovascular health, where children and adolescents should have limited exposure." Therefore using a Bee’s wax wrapper instead of clingfilm and a stainless steel lunchbox can prevent this from happening and is much more sustainable.

4. Walk or Cycle to school. Did you know a brisk walk to school can help aid concentration and promote happiness? According to the Guardian 2019, essential brain-nourishing molecules are produced by aerobic activities and endorphins are released to help feel content. 

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