Interview with Dove Holistic Dental Centre's Davinder Raju

It was our pleasure to interview lead dentist, Davinder Raju, from Dove Holistic Dental Centre. Caring for the environment is a massive priority for Davinder and his team who share Georganics commitment to sustainability and work hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They have installed 34 solar panels, do not place mercury-containing fillings, use energy-efficient heating and recycle paper and plastic packaging where possible.


Davinder qualified from Liverpool University in 1992 and went on to attain a Master's degree in Advanced Minimal Intervention Dentistry at King's College London Dental Institute in 2016. He's been practising dentistry for more than 25 years, and minimally invasive dentistry has become an area of interest and expertise.

Why do you like Georganics products?

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The floor of the mouth under the tongue is full of tiny blood vessels which readily absorb drugs etc directly into the body. Some research shows this absorption is even as effective as injecting therapeutic agents directly into the body. However, as wonderful and comfortable as this route is for delivering drugs, I'm also concerned about chemicals and potentially harmful compounds found in conventional oral healthcare products that may also be absorbed directly from the mouth into the bloodstream.

"Georganics products are of food-grade quality, the risk of harm from absorbing them is significantly reduced."

For this reason, oral healthcare products have the potential to have a systemic effect on your whole body. Any product, therefore, used to help maintain optimal oral health should be safe not just from being swallowed, but also from being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. 

As the ingredients in Georganics products are of food-grade quality, the risk of harm from absorbing them is significantly reduced. If you want to minimise your risk from the potential ill effects of absorbing chemicals, then use products which ideally contain natural inert ingredients as much as possible. 

Having said that, I do also suggest certain other mainstream products which help manage conditions such as sensitive teeth. There’s always a risk and benefit with all products, and so I always follow a patient-centred approach to healthcare whereby personal values are taken into account when recommending a product.

What's your favourite Georganics product and what do you like about it?


There is now a considerable amount of evidence linking gum disease to a multitude of other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Yet gum disease is preventable or at least manageable by breaking up the bacteria which invade the bloodstream when gum disease is present. With effective home care, using a good brushing technique and cleaning in between the teeth with dental floss, the chances of the disease taking hold or being active is reduced, thereby reducing your risk to other very significant debilitating diseases. Georganics floss is one of my favourite products. The irregular and slightly coarse texture of the floss means that it feels more effective at disturbing the plaque bacteria in between the teeth and under the gum. 


Also, the added benefit of the slightly coarse texture is that it doesn’t slip through my fingers like conventional floss and so I use less of it which is better for the environment. Floss and increase your wellbeing…! Simple.

 What do you like about Georganics brand and values?


Georganics values tie-in perfectly with our own. We operate from a dental practice which mitigates its impact on the environment and still delivers, I feel, an outstanding service. We too look for products which are ethically sourced and sustainable and don’t use products which we know have a detrimental effect on the environment such as mercury amalgam fillings. I feel a great sense of satisfaction offering our patients products such as the Georganics range knowing that we share similar principles. I like that the outer packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable and that Georganics reuse the cardboard your ingredients are shipped in to protect the products during transit. The products are stored in either glass or aluminium jars and bottles, which are also recyclable. With Georganics Zero To Landfill scheme, customers can send used toothbrush heads back for recycling, free of charge.


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