SoL’s Tips for Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

Plastic is everywhere in our lives and can be found in every daily ritual from brushing our teeth, to getting our morning coffee in a disposable cup.

One of our core missions at SoL is to be a platform for education and to inspire our community to make better consumer choices.We believe that being eco-friendly should be a naturally easy, conscious way of life. 

Unfortunately, in the current context of the global pandemic, the restrictions and uncertainties we face has shifted our focus away from being environmentally conscious beings. However at SoL we believe that it is possible to do two things at once - look out for your health and the environment. So we have included the following tips to give you a plethora of tools to combat the war on single use plastic and make a positive impact on the planet. 

Reusable Cup & Bottle 

At SoL we recommend starting with a high quality, plastic free reusable cup or water bottle. Every minute 1 million plastic water bottles are consumed across the world and every year billions of non-recyclable disposable coffee cups end up in landfill. By swapping to a reusable, you are eliminating your contribution to this immense amount of waste. 

However, the materials of the products you buy are also important to decreasing your environmental impact. Did you know there are approximately 26 plastic takeaway cups, inside a plastic reusable cup? At SoL, we believe that creating more plastic to solve the plastic waste problem is not a solution, and only fast tracks the issue by creating more plastic than ever before!

SoL Cups produce 100% plastic free, hand blown glass reusable cups, water bottles and accessories. Using the highest quality glassware our products are extremely lightweight, stylish and come in a number of chic and sexy colours, so that you feel proud to be a #solmate and eco warrior! 



Choose local and quality products

Plan ahead and make the trip to your local farmers market for all your groceries. It can save you money, support our local farmers and often has far less plastic packaging than supermarkets. Remember to bring your reusable shopping bags and say no to single use plastic bags. 

When you go shopping, think long term and durable, not cheap and mass produced. The pandemic has shown us the way consumers have really stepped up to support small businesses and locally sourced goods which is such a beautiful initiative to witness! Keep supporting your favourites! 



Boycott plastic packaged products

Before buying a product, check the materials it is made of and packaged in. Is it recyclable? What is the end of life cycle? Companies using non-recyclable plastic packaging is not acceptable and must be stopped. The best way we can implement that change is by using our voices and actions in not buying these products anymore to convey our values. 

Be aware of hidden plastics

As the Georganics community, we know you are already well versed in the nature of plastics to sneak into every element of life, including generic mass produced toothpaste! Keep an eye out for these hidden plastics, which are becoming more prevalent as more companies indulge in greenwashing. Other examples of hidden plastics in products are bamboo and coffee husk reusable cups. Although a percentage of the cup is made from these incredibly sustainable resources, the fact is that these materials actually need to be bonded with melamine and polypropylene plastics, making them neither recyclable or biodegradable.

These are just some starting points to begin your plastic free journey! Take one step at a time, give yourself achievable goals and hold yourself accountable. There are so many incredible changes you can make, and when we make them together as a community we can have the biggest positive impact on the world we live in for generations to come. 



At SoL we’re here to support everyone on this journey and you can start right here by using our exclusive ‘geosolmate’ discount for the Georganics community at

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