Plastic free pop-up with Nordstrom

Recently we were invited to be part of the Nordstrom x Package Free pop up and of course which we jumped at the opportunity. The collaboration was created to showcase everyday essentials, to make sustainable living super easy and to get you started on the path to less trash. Find out more

Package Free

Package Free was created by Lauren Singer. After going viral for fitting her entire year's trash in a 16-oz. Mason jar and creating the zero-waste resource Trash Is for Tossers, the environmental activist founded Package Free in 2017.

Believing that access to sustainable products and resources positively benefit people and the planet. Their goal is to reshape the consumer product landscape, redefine what a truly good product looks like, and make natural and plastic-free products more accessible, affordable, and convenient for all.

A package free world

What exactly would the world look like if we were completely package free? We have put together some mind blowing facts that might give you an idea of how much of an impact our trash has on our planet.

  1. In the US alone 22 billion plastic bottles are thrown in the trash per year! That's enough to circle around the planet four times.
  2. Scientists have predicted that by 2040 their will be more plastic in the sea than fish by weight.
  3. 9 billion tons of litter ends up in our oceans every year.
  4. A recent study showed that 60% of North Atlantic Whales deaths were directly caused by entanglement in plastic fishing gear.
  5. We bin around 50m tonnes of electrical waste globally every year. That’s nearly 4 million double decker buses worth of old computer equipment, TVs, stereos and kitchen appliances, stretching to the moon more than 3 times over! 

      At Georganics we believe a life can be lived fully plastic-free by just taking the time to research the alternatives...they are out there! All of Georganics products packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and we always get excited about a bit of repurposing too. We are proud to be part of the circular economy and to be part of the Nordstrom x Package Free family. Find out more 

      The Pop-In will launch on March 19th and run through May 19th with events in Nordstrom’s top stores such as New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.


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