Our guide to a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but every year it has a significant environmental impact. Here are some tips to have a more conscientious Christmas:

1. Use sustainable wrapping materials.

Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled due to the coating on it so try to use recyclable wrapping paper or even better wrap in reusable cloth or repurposed paper that you have around the house. Not only will it save waste but will look unique too.

2. Shop independent and locally

Especially after the year we’ve all had, supporting smaller businesses this Christmas will bring joy to more than just the person you are buying for. Shopping independent and locally will have a massive impact on your local economy.

3. Gift presents that will last

So many presents end up going to waste or don’t last longer than the Christmas period. Buying someone a houseplant for example will last forever if cared for right and won’t contribute any plastic to landfills.

4. Reuse last years Christmas decorations

So many Christmas decorations are plastic and end up in landfills. Re-using or hand making decorations will avoid unnecessary waste. Be sure to pack them away and save them for next year too!

5. Send e-cards

The UK throws away 1.5 billion Christmas cards every year (and we’re sure a lot of these aren’t being recycled). Why not send a digital card this year?

6. Avoid Christmas crackers or find a sustainable alternative


Most Christmas crackers can’t be recycled and all those little plastic toys inside almost always end up in landfills. Find a sustainable alternative (there are plenty or options available) or just avoid altogether.

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