Our favourite sustainable bathroom swaps

Here at Georganics we love a sustainable swap and supporting our fellow eco-warriors. So we thought we’d make a comprehensive list of our favourite sustainable swaps, starting with our favourite bathroom swaps.

Firstly, we couldn’t make a sustainable swap list without mentioning ourselves as we are very proud of our sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan credentials. 

Plastic toothbrushes take 500 years to degrade so we supply Beechwood Toothbrushes. You can recycle or compost the handle and snap the head off and send it back to us (Freepost Georganics) to recycle with Terracycle, so there is no waste. 

Beechwood Toothbrush

300 million tubes of toothpaste are used in the UK each year, think about how much waste that is and all that is being sent to landfill. Our sustainable, eco-friendly toothpaste swap is changing to our Mineral Toothpaste, Toothsoap or Toothpaste Tablets. My personal favourite is Georganics Activated Charcoal Mineral Toothpaste for removing stains.

Activated Charcoal Mineral Toothpaste

Traditional mouthwash is extremely bad for your health and for the environment and uses a range of terrifying ingredients (check out our blog post on this subject for an eye-opening read). Our mouthwash tablets include only natural ingredients and as they are tablets there is no need for transporting water making them even more eco-friendly.

Mouthwash Tablets

Zerolla is our sister company specialising in sustainable, natural skin-care and hair-care products. Their products are plastic free so an amazing way to replace plastic bottles of shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers. Check them out at zerolla.com and sign up to their newsletter to get £10 off your first order. I recommend Zerolla Lemon Deodorant.

Zerolla Lemon Deodorant

Who gives a crap is a sustainable toilet roll company. They make their toilet roll from sustainably sourced bamboo or recycled toilet paper, they have carbon neutral shipping and give 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. We love their brand for their amazing values and witty messaging. Visit them at whogivesacrap.org

Who Gives a Crap

Last Object have designed innovative solutions to wasteful habits. Their products make a lasting positive impact on the world by helping eliminate over 2 billion single use items. Their last objects include sustainable toiletries swaps such as alternatives for q-tips, makeup wipes and tissues. Check them out at lastobject.com

Last Object

Dame makes sustainable reusable sanitary products. Their mission is to make periods positive by being more sustainable, accessible and acceptable. Switching to one of their reusable pads saves over 2,000 plastic pads being used and switching to their tampon saves 12,000 plastic applicators ending up in our oceans. Find them at wearedame.co


FFS makes sustainable effortless shaving products. They source all the products from the UK and are 100% cruelty-free. They are on a mission to better themselves and are working with Climate Partner to become Carbon Neutral. Their packaging is made of compostable plant based naked wraps and they have their own recycling program in which you can send your razor heads back to them. Have a look at ffs.co.uk

FFS Razor

EcoRoots make high quality, affordable everyday products from bathroom, kitchen and home. Their shipping materials are all plastic free, recyclable and compostable. They give 1% of their annual sales to organizations that give back to the planet. Our favourite is their vegan, cruelty-free, organic, plastic-free, zero-waste body soap. Find them at ecoroots.us


Shrine is our favourite hair dye company, it’s very rare to see hair dyes that are vegan, that don’t use single-use plastics and are cruelty-free. They cut out the plastic bottles that are usually used in hair dyes and instead use glass bottles of dye that you add a few drops at a time to our own conditioner, which means they have multiple uses. Check them out at weareshrine.com


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