Green is the new black

We’ve all been bombarded with Black Friday emails over the last few weeks, urging us to spend more on unnecessary purchases that probably aren’t eco-friendly, covered in plastic packaging and promoting unnecessary travel of goods. Offering products at such a cheap price suggests that they’ve used cheap labour to make up for the price and make sure a profit is made for the company and not caring about the workers. Companies that partake in Black Friday aren’t thinking about the bigger picture and mainly caring about lining their pockets.

So what can we do to help fight the madness of Black Friday?

Instead of buying from large companies trying to entice you in with a “big” discount (the offer usually isn’t as discounted as it states) - you should always check the original price). We encourage people to partake in Green November/ Green Friday weekend. Many eco-conscious companies offer a discount on their products (so you won’t be missing out on good deals and actually increasing the visibility of sustainable products) - you will also be helping a good cause as many companies donate money to charities at the same time, for example, with every product sold during November, Last Object pledge to stop 2lbs/1kg of plastic from entering our ocean.

We also encourage people to support small/local and eco-friendly businesses, instead of ordering from large unsustainable companies, go to your local Zero-Waste stores, we are lucky enough to be based in Brighton which is home to a variety of Zero-waste stores, such as Source, HISBE and Infinity Foods (all of which stock Georganics).

This Green Friday weekend we will be offering 20% off all our products online to encourage people to shop more sustainably. We're hoping that offering a discount might sway people to try more eco-friendly products in the future and be converted to buying more consciously.

Also, with every purchase made, we will be donating to charity as we want to give back and help the planet. This year we have chosen to donate to WWF. They are an incredible organisation that we are proud to support. They are currently raising funds to help tackle the climate crisis and protect our rainforests and end deforestation! Every purchase you make with Georganics over the Green Friday weekend we will be donating 10% of the profit to WWF.

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