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We are delighted to share with you our new Brand Ambassador programme. You can join us on Brandbassador and become one of #TheSustainables, a collective of sustainability driven individuals who want to make a difference.

 As a member of #TheSustainables you will have the opportunity to complete missions in exchange for Georganics products, gift vouchers, discounts and more.

 Join our brand ambassador programme and become one of #TheSustainables


What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador (or in our case, being one of #TheSustainables) is about sharing our vision and wanting to shake up the oral care industry with natural, organic, sustainable and plastic-free products. You’ll be as passionate about our products as you are the future of our planet and effective oral care. You’ll get the opportunity to complete fun missions, helping to share your experiences of our products, show off your sustainable swaps and encourage others to #MakeTheSwitch


Who can become a Brand Ambassador?

First things first, you NOT need to be an influencer with thousands of followers to join, that’s not what this is about.

 You can be any age, gender, be based anywhere in the world

 Do you:

· Like Georganics products?

· Have an interest in sustainability?

· Want to do fun missions in exchange for rewards?

· Dislike unnecessary plastic packaging?

· Want to shake up the oral care industry?

 If you answered YES you’re in the right place, our Brand Ambassador programme will definitely be your vibe.


What are the perks of being a Brand Ambassador?

It’s all about a two-way partnership with us and that’s why our rewards are aimed to suit you.

· FREE products

· Sneak peek at new products

· Exclusive discounts

· The opportunity to have YOUR content featured on our channels


How do you join #TheSustainables?

Signing up is simple and takes just 30 seconds.

 The link below will take you to our platform, Brandbassador to complete your sign up.

 Please note, you may need to enter your mobile number (including country code) to verify your account with Brandbassador, then you will be taken to the Georganics page and you can begin your journey as one of #TheSustainables.



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