Activated Charcoal, The Benefits

Activated Charcoal has been highly regarded for its health benefits dating back thousands of years. A prominent ingredient in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine it is also used in modern western medicine, often in cases of poisoning. But what exactly is Activated Charcoal and how should be being using it at home to enjoy the benefits?

What is Activated Charcoal?

It’s important to note at this point that Activated Charcoal is extremely different from the coal you use for your fire or Barbeque. The two are not interchangeable. Please do not try!

Activated Charcoal is created through a special process of burning to create char. The char is then ‘activated’ once its placed in a furnace at high temperatures of 1,700° to 1,800°F with steam in the absence of oxygen. This ‘activation’ gives it it’s incredibly porous texture, and large surface area which is the key to its powers!

Through a process of adsorbtion - which means to collect molecules of gases, liquids or solutes as a thin film within the surface of a material- activated charcoal is able to suck up impurities removing them from their environment and preventing them from causing harm.

Some of the Benefits

Oral Care

Of course, first on our list is the huge benefits Activated Charcoal can contribute to your oral health. It’s amazing absorbent properties mean it is perfect for drawings toxins, which can cause bad breath and gum disease, from your mouth. This effect can also help to remove stains from the teeth acting as a natural and effective whitening agent. Our toothpaste’s which are blended with coconut oil are mild and suitable for use every day, but please be aware if you are using our Charcoal Tooth Powder that it can be more abrasive and should only be used around once a week.


Activated Charcoal is great for helping to drawing toxins out of the body. It’s porous texture and large surface area means these toxins are adsorbed by the charcoal and flushed out of the system before they can cause harm to our bodies. This make Activated Charcoal a great treatment for food or drug poisoning. But in a more everyday sense it can aid in maintaining healthy digestive function which in turn can unburden our other organs and improve overall wellbeing!

Cleansing Air and Purifying Water

For similar reasons Activated Charcoal acts as a great purifier for both Air and Water. It’s porous structure is known to remove unpleasant odours and even airborne fungus from indoor spaces. Leave some around the house to help purify your living environment. Activated Charcoal works in the same way to filter and purify water, removal chemicals and other contaminants. It is possible to buy Charcoal filters for home and for use on the go in reusable water bottles.

Beauty Treatments

Activated Charcoal can also do you just as much good on the outside as on the inside! It is becoming more and more popular in beauty treatments, many of which you can make yourself at home to avoid any unwanted chemicals! Add some powder to face washes, masks or shampoos for an extra cleansing and detoxifying affect. For these reasons, it can be a particularly good treatment for acne when mixed with Aloe Vera Gel and used as a face mask.

Natural Deodorants

Activated Charcoal is often added to natural and DIY deodorants. It not only draws out toxins and traps odour causing bacteria but can also help to draw out heavy metals from the body. By heavy metals we mean substances such as aluminium which are contained in many mainstream deodorants and can lead to diseases such as breast cancer.

Detoxifying Supplements

It’s clear that Activated Charcoal has a wide range of uses which can benefit us externally and internally. One easy way to harness these benefits for our internal health is by completing a detox using Activated Charcoal Supplements. These can vary depending on the result you wish to achieve. Taking a supplement an hour before a meal can help to alleviate gas and bloating. Or if you want to give your body a more in depth detox you can take supplements over the course of a few days, just make sure to leave around an hour gap between taking Activated Charcoal and any other vitamins or food, to avoid the Charcoal adsorbing its goodness! Please also keep in mind that we are each different and before taking on a large dietary change or detox it is best to consult your doctor.

We think it’s pretty fair to say Activated Charcoal is quite an incredible ingredient. This is why we choose to make it such an integral part of our all natural range. We hope we’ve inspired you to make it a larger part of your life too.

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