How to deal with eco-anxiety in the face of environmental crisis

Our climate crisis can be detrimental to our mental health. We asked 3 mental health and positivity influencers what ...

Self Care, Fact or Fad?

Self Care seems to be quite the buzzword at the moment. The mantra of the millennials, it seems to be everywhere. It ...

Activated Charcoal, The Benefits

Activated Charcoal has been highly regarded for its health benefits dating back thousands of years. A prominent ingre...

Immune Boosting Tips

It’s the weekend before Halloween, the clocks are going back on Sunday and here in Sussex Bonfire season is well unde...

Zero Waste: A Beginners Guide

Zero Waste living is a movement which is growing in popularity worldwide. To understand how and why so many are choos...

Tooth Healthy Diet Tips

In our last post, we looked at the controversy around fluoride, where it comes from and whether it’s worth the risk a...

Fluoride, The Facts

From the day we get our first toothbrush, we are told by our parents and professionals that fluoride is the only way ...
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