What are Georganics products ACTUALLY like?

We know that when it comes to switching your oral care there are many different options out there, with some quite different to conventional toothpaste. That’s why we’ve created this little overview, hopefully, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect when you #MakeTheSwitch.

Read this blog post to find out more about the variety of products and flavours we offer to help you discover the best zero waste options for you.

What is it like to use each product?

Mineral Toothpaste
If you’re completely new to zero-waste and natural oral care, our Mineral Toothpaste is a great place to begin. This non-foaming natural formula promotes remineralisation, the natural repairing process for non-cavitated tooth lesions. Remineralisation can contribute towards restoring strength and function within tooth structure.

Top Tip: Make sure you buy a bamboo spatula to place a small bead from the glass jar to your toothbrush.

Toothpaste Tablets
If you’re a fan of fizzy things, this is the one for you! When you pop one of our Toothpaste Tablets into your mouth it will start fizzing as soon as it has contact with water (like the saliva in your mouth), bite down and that will increase. Within just a few seconds you’ll have a foamy like consistency to brush your teeth with.

Top Tip: Make sure your hands are completely dry when reaching in to get your Toothpaste tablet.

Mouthwash Tablets
Our Mouthwash Tablets gently dissolve when added to water (this isn’t like those experiments we did as kids adding mints to cola - as fun as that was). As the tablet dissolves you’ll be able to smell the refreshing aroma of your chosen flavour as the beneficial oils disperse

Top Tip: Pop your mouthwash tablet in 20ml of water before you brush your teeth, they can take a minute or two to dissolve. Let the magic happen whilst you’re brushing and then it’ll be ready for you to use immediately after - we love a bit of time of efficiency, especially in the morning.

Oil Pulling Mouthwash
Your teeth will feel silky smooth (trust us, it’s a thing)

Top Tip: You may need to build up the amount of time you swirl Oil Pulling Mouthwash over a period of time, increasing with each treatment.

You know...it’s like soap but you clean your teeth with it! This is currently the most sustainable toothpaste alternative around...the packaging is 100% compostable and you can’t say fairer than that when it comes to oral care. Once you glide a wet toothbrush over your Toothsoap, it will foam up (unsurprisingly, just like soap) and you’re ready to brush.

Top Tip: This is another little travel hero as it’s completely solid so perfect for taking on an airplane.

Toothpaste Powder
Looking to polish away those stains on your teeth? Our naturally whitening Toothpaste Powder is ideal for this without being too abrasive, thanks to our high quality mineral formula.

Top Tip: Use it in addition to our other toothpaste products a couple of times a week for extra whitening power.

What does it taste like?

English Peppermint
A traditional powerful minty kick that will feel familiar but without that synthetic aftertaste.

A softer tasting mint, spearmint is great for those of you who want a minty fresh mouth but not with the same strength as English Peppermint. This flavour is slightly sweeter and perfect for when you’re not sure where to begin.

Clean & fresh is the best way to describe Eucalyptus oral care...it tastes like the scent - very refreshing. If you close your eyes and inhale deeply, you might just trick your brain into thinking you're at a spa.

Tea Tree
As expected, Tea Tree has a more Herbaceous, earthy flavour that will leave you feeling closer to nature than any other flavour.

Sweet Orange
We created this flavour for kids as it’s the sweetest flavour in the range however we find a lot of adults enjoy it too - no judgement here!

Activated Charcoal
Actually tastes like English Peppermint - but has the added benefits of Activated Charcoal.


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