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No it’s not the age old threat that your guardian will wash your mouth out with soap, it’s our completely natural tooth cleaner. 
Here at Georganics we love a sustainable swap and supporting our fellow eco-warriors. So we thought we’d make a comprehensive list of our favourite sustainable swaps, starting with our favourite bathroom swaps.
Picking up lunch or a coffee on the go in between work and the school runs? How can we avoid getting caught up in the in the ease of grabbing that plastic wrapped meal deal, a plastic carrier bag or a single use take away coffee cup? Read more as we explore which alternatives we can all we invest in to avoid the rat race plastic pandemic.
We know for a lot of our valued customers that every month is Plastic-Free July (because it most certainly is for us!) but this year we want to go the extra mile to really promote the cause…  
This month we'd like to encourage more people to think about the different ways in which they can live more sustainably. Each week we will be sharing our ideas and inspiration, taking you through each stage of the process from getting used to our products, to composting and reusing our packaging. This week we’re going to focus on the issue at hand… traditional oral care waste.