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Can you believe that when Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, first noticed the link between sweet foods such as figs and tooth decay, no one believed him! 2,500 years later we’re all still eating refined sugar despite being warned of the effects on our health.
In this Blog we are going to look at how to relieve jaw tension: causes and solutions. If you have ever experienced jaw joint pain (also known as TMJ Disorder) you're not alone. Many people experience tension and pain in their jaw. Sore jaw and TMJ disorders can be extremely uncomfortable.
No it’s not the age old threat that your guardian will wash your mouth out with soap, it’s our completely natural tooth cleaner. 
In this blog we will be discussing the benefits of flossing (not the dance), dental supplements and chewing gum!

In short, Oil pulling is a very ancient Ayurvedic practice that originated in India. It involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote good oral health. Now let's dive deeper into the history and practice.

This is an important question that not many people consider and just pick the middle option as there is a lack of information about the bristle options. There are many different types of bristles/brushes that have different benefits to your oral health; soft, medium, firm interdental and sonic.
Christmas is the most wonderful time of year but can also be the most wasteful. But don’t fret you can still have a holly jolly sustainable Christmas and here’s how!
Georganics only use natural ingredients and all our ingredients have an important part to play in maintaining a healthy mouth.

When mouthwash is used, it kills all the bacteria in your mouth which sounds like a good thing but it kills ALL the bacteria, bad and good! Your mouth needs good bacteria to support the oral microbiome which decreases the risk of gingivitis, cavities and bad breath! Seriously, what is the point of mouthwash containing alcohol?

Georganics have the solution for your oral health and environmental care with mouthwash tablets!