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Toothpaste Powder was actually the precursor to toothpaste, originating thousands of years ago and now it’s making a big return. Fun fact, toothpaste was only introduced in 1850! 
This is an important question that not many people consider and just pick the middle option as there is a lack of information about the bristle options. There are many different types of bristles/brushes that have different benefits to your oral health; soft, medium, firm interdental and sonic.
Christmas is the most wonderful time of year but can also be the most wasteful. But don’t fret you can still have a holly jolly sustainable Christmas and here’s how!
Why do we need to conserve water? For the environment, of course. With every action we take, we should be thinking about how it will affect the environment and future of our planet.
Sustainability day shines a spotlight on the biggest environmental issues we are all facing and what we can all do to fix this together.
Greenwashing is an attempt to cash in on the growing demand for more sustainable and environmentally conscious products. With claims of being ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’, these keywords make consumers believe in their green claims. We can an example of a 'green' claim below in Fiji Water's advert. 
Here at Georganics we love a sustainable swap and supporting our fellow eco-warriors. So we thought we’d make a comprehensive list of our favourite sustainable swaps, starting with our favourite bathroom swaps.
Georganics only use natural ingredients and all our ingredients have an important part to play in maintaining a healthy mouth.

When mouthwash is used, it kills all the bacteria in your mouth which sounds like a good thing but it kills ALL the bacteria, bad and good! Your mouth needs good bacteria to support the oral microbiome which decreases the risk of gingivitis, cavities and bad breath! Seriously, what is the point of mouthwash containing alcohol?

Georganics have the solution for your oral health and environmental care with mouthwash tablets!

Plastic Free July has a very simple mission, to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis and encourage people to change their habits.
We know that when it comes to switching your oral care there are many different options out there, with some quite different to conventional toothpaste. That’s why we’ve created this little overview, hopefully, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect when you #MakeTheSwitch.