Plastic-Free On The Go

Our top picks for a plastic-free on the go life! 

Picking up lunch or a coffee on the go in between work and the school runs? How can we avoid getting caught up in the in the ease of grabbing that plastic wrapped meal deal, a plastic carrier bag or a single use take away coffee cup? Read more as we explore which alternatives we can all we invest in to avoid the rat race plastic pandemic.
We lurve this sustainable brand and especially their zero waste starter kit, complete with backpack, hot drinks travel cup, water bottle and bamboo straw. The perfect travel buddy and everyday essential for any aspiring eco warrior!


Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser from beauty kitchen 

Save 11 single use 50ml gel hand sanitiser bottles with this 5 star rated, refillable, organic and vegan hand sanitiser.

Re-usable shopping bags from Baggu
There are so many alternative shopping bags to the pre-historic plastic bag of yore and they look pretty good to! One of our office faves is from the company Baggu, they make super fun bags with a focus on minimise waste, using sustainable materials. 
Bamboo Bento lunchbox's from BamBox
We all know that the most cost-effective and sustainable way of eating lunch is to make your own. So, up your eco points by investing in a bamboo bento box. Super sustainable, re-usable and ticking all of the stylish boxes. Our personal faves are from Bambox.

Snacks on the go from Montezuma's
Travel sized sweet treats with recyclable & sustainable packaging? Pick up one of Montezuma’s travel sized chocolate bars which are utterly delish and 100% of their packaging fitting into the circular economy, being either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. This means you can enjoy your chocolate whilst knowing you are keeping the planet happy too!
Sustainable Gum from us, Georganics
Made from Chicle & Arabic Gum from the Sapodilla & Acacia Trees, our natural chewing gum is flavoured with Peppermint for a cool and refreshing sensation on the go. Available in a small handbag size glass jar for x30 or as a refill with 180. 

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